Bigger Than The Brew

Every ounce of coffee sold funds our mission to lower the curve of teenage homelessness in America.

Our Mission

Rugid Grind is a coffee roasting provider based in Houston, Texas whose mission is to lower the curve of teenage homelessness in the United States.

Our leadership noticed the growing interest in coffee during the 2010s as well as the trends that have come with it. Together, they established the Rugid™ Brand and began developing their plan to source their supply from rural farms offering assortments of organic, quality beans our customers love.

Through rigorous studying of the process and the building of our headquarters here in Houston, Texas, we quickly built our branding into one that serves a greater purpose while also serving a quality cup of coffee.

It's Not What You Say. It's What You Do.

Rugid Grind is not here to marginalize your favorite coffee shop. In fact, we embrace this growing industry and the many unique competitors who have made a beautiful bean into a multi-billion dollar business. We are dedicated to giving our customers a quality beverage they can count, and we would love for you to love our product, but the goal we’ve committed ourselves to is much bigger than the beverage we serve.

As pastors and frequent leaders of mission trips and outreach projects, we have seen the epidemic of teenage homelessness firsthand. Over a million American teenagers will go to sleep tonight without a home, and countless others are teetering on the verge of homelessness.

The direct funding we provide to Oneighty helps them execute their vision of ending teenage homelessness and giving the at-risk teens of the next generation a greater chance at success. By purchasing, leasing, and developing houses and finding caretakers who are fit for roles of mentorship and parental guidance, Oneighty seeks to create safe, nourishing environments for homeless adolescents not only here in Houston, but all around the world.

Rugid Grind is also committed to providing these youths with quality teenage employment opportunities that will positively impact them during their growth into adulthood. So many of the children who are inches away from sleeping on sidewalks are only able to avoid this fate due to short-term solutions, some of which include illegal activity to make ends meet. By offering at-risk teens with jobs that help them learn the industry in a secure, yet challenging environment, we hope to arm our employees with the tools they’ll need to succeed in all aspects of life.

Long-term, Rugid Grind has built the infrastructure necessary to continue providing our customers with the products they expect while leaving a positive imprint on the world around us.

Our Team